Mind Games


Mahjongg has gained popularity as it is considered a scientific game for the brain, that improves memory and attention. On the social side, it helps the Expat find like-minded people across countries.

Mind games is best for creativity, logic thinking, right brain -left brain coordination


The games can treat or slow the effects of dementia. In order to be successful, players need to stay mentally sharp throughout the duration of the game, trying to interpret clues from other players while constructing a winning hand.

The games can help improve a person’s memory skills and sharpen the mind. It helps people to make faster decisions and better observations, and also forces players to think on different spectrums.

It teaches patience. While sitting for long hours, waiting gameShanghai Cards for your turn, and waiting on your tile,card etc patience is a significant factor in the .


Playing Games, enjoying hobbies and socialising in a multicultural group on a regular basis; as typically there are multiple tables of 4 paticipants each.

Games makes an excellent social activity and prevents isolation for people of all ages.

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