A place to share recipes

How would you like to be part of a recipe exchange?

The Shanghai Cards and Recipe-Swap event is more like an idea sharing exercise.

Share a tip from your kitchen or a family tradition with us. Or simply share a skill demonstrate a hobby or a passion and let everyone get a glance of something unique or special to you.

Bring a dish along more for tasting not as much for feeding as it’s more food for the mind than for the tummy. The best kind is your favourite or the one you already have memorized in your head and can type right now.

Some interesting tips to start with:

Thanks Hema!

Pumpkin roasted mashed mixed with Sabina’s Tomato chutney layered on bread with roasted  Peppers and Goa t cheese. Delicious healthy and great for grown ups and kids snack box too.

Thanks Laxmi!

A recipe she said from her part of India, Dharmshala in the edge of himalayas surrounded by cedar forests

Boondi Curry – An excellent combination of  (any )curry with Boondi (A water droplet sized deep fried crispy indian snack often used in Raitas)

I hope you will participate and help make this fun!

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