Weekly Workshops 

Join other players for play and practice on a weekly basis and participate in social and competitive tournaments and leagues. This is exclusive for members only, do check the various annual packages available in the join us section. There is a nominal participation fee of minimum AED 20 or more and a cover charge of AED 20 for the venue.

Monthly Tournaments

Playing with random players gives you a real thrill as their strategies will be unknown and that’s where all your analytical skills comes into the picture. It helps in brushing up your skills and becoming a professional skilled player in no time.

Social tournament: winners of each table swap places so you get a chance to play with most participants. “Play of the day” is easy going.

Competitive tournament: winners do not swap places and the “Play of the day” is a mix of easy and challenging rounds.

League tournaments:  this is an opportunity for similar skilled players to compete against each other.

Special table can be allocated for “Rapid Fire players” for fast players only.

Regular Play :

Currently there is no extra fee for attending more than one session a week.

Participation fee per event varies based on the venue and nature of the event

Note: as a courtesy to the venue you must place a minimum order each time and have meals occasionally. If you are not likely to eat or drink please leave a tip of AED 20.

At certain venues a cover charge of Dhs 20 will be collected on behalf of the café/ restaurant.

On tournament days, the winner at each table gets a prize. We also have prizes for each event for various categories selected by a draw so it can be a ‘Booby prize’ or Max Wins etc. Recently we had a successful first international tournament in Goa with participants from 5 different nationalities


Weekly Sessions

Wednesdays 10:30-1:00 @ Jumeirah Islands Club.

Tuesdays 4:15 – 6:15 @ Shakespeare’s in Arabian Ranches

Sundays 7:30 – 10:00 for working ladies and spouses too @ various locations currently at St Tropez, Mall of the Emirates.

Lessons are available through prior appointments only in Al Sufouh or various locations

Promotions & Sponsorships

If you have any product or service related business that you wish to endorse, you may offer that as a Prize for the winner at one or more sessions. There is an option to hire a table at the tournament for display and enjoy the priviledge of introducing and showcasing your venture to a captive audience. See terms and conditions or hyperlink to the terms This is an ideal opportunity to advertise and demonstrate your hobby and/or business.

Cards Clinic:

Various Cards game such as Shanghai is played on a monthly basis

Mondays 11:00 – 1:00 @ Various Locations

There is a prize for winner at each table on this day, Similar arrangement as Mahjongg Clinics with participation fee and cover charge.

All information and arrangements are subject to change depending on many variables such as demand, venue restrictions, cost viability etc.

Please do email or call for any further clarifications. Once your annual registration is complete, you will receive reminders,  information/ updates on a weekly basis.