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Make new friends

Team building through various game activities that can improve communications, morale, helping employees to get to know each other better.

Mental Stimulation

Play games to stimulate your imagination and improve brain function, memory and attention.

Travel and Leisure

Travel to participate in tournaments around Dubai, Goa, Kenya etc. Carve out some leisure time to engage in fun.

Social interaction

A wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and widen your social circle, break the ice with strangers and form new business relationships...

Group Coordinators


How it came to be

Why Mahjongg Clinics

I was introduced to Mahjongg more than a decade ago. Since I’ve always been a natural at board games, it wasn’t too difficult for me to pick up the rules of this game. As I continued playing the game, friends and family approached me to teach them how to play. Slowly but surely, teaching this game became a passion as much as playing it was. As more friends wanted to learn the I saw an opportunity to turn a hobby into a vocation and run professional games clinics.