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Introducing “Mahjongg Clinic” to Mahjongg players and beginners

As most of you know, Mahjongg is an ancient Chinese game played among four players , using a set of elegant tiles. While it is relatively easy to learn (in parts), this game of skill & intelligence requires concentration and is considered difficult to master, hence the need to practice.
This game has gained popularity as it is considered a scientific game for the brain, that improves memory and attention. On the social side, it helps the Expat find like-minded people across countries.


  • Occasional other interesting activities like playing Shanghai Card Game, Recipe swap, Plants swap and much much more.
  • Members will be able to keep record of their scores which will be added at the end of each session so that the highest or lowest scores can be celebrated!
  • Improve skills of the game (which is based on Max Robertson’s and Wright Patterson’s rules; also called Western Method)
  • Playing Mahjongg and socialising in a multicultural group on a regular basis; as typically there will be multiple tables of 4 players each, winners occasionaly swap tables.