Meet other like-minded people

Socialize with a multicultural group on a regular basis. Participate in Mahjongg and various other Cards game tournaments (in Dubai and overseas). Meet people with similar interests, make new friends and enjoy having fun offline. Share ideas and inspire each other through recipe, plants and books swaps.

If you’re an established business or a start-up, visit our games clinics to promote in a captive audience. It’s an opportunity to introduce or display your product, service or hobby by participating as a vendor and sponsoring prizes at tournaments and workshops.

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Reasons to join

Make new friends

Team building through various game activities that can improve communications, morale, helping employees to get to know each other better.

Mental Stimulation

Play games to stimulate your imagination and improve brain function, memory and attention.

Travel and Leisure

Travel to participate in tournaments around Dubai, Goa, Kenya etc. Carve out some leisure time to engage in fun.

Social interaction

A wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and widen your social circle, break the ice with strangers and form new business relationships...

International Mahjongg is a popular game around the world. All Things Favourite would like to provide a platform for people who share the same passion for traditional games and would like to exchange information and ideas on various interests and hobbies.


Supriya Sharma


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AUG 30, 2017


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Business Promotion :

  • Advertise through our website to reach out to a captive audience
  • Sponsor events and / or prizes for our tournament winners
  • Display as a vendor at our Games Workshops
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Weekly Winners


Congratulations to the winners..!!

1. League Champions : 

  • September  – Smita
  • October  – Claire
  • November – Devayani


Must say I really admire your enthusiasm and ability to keep things interesting for all levels of players! You go girl!

Ruchi Bhushan

Thank you for the lovely send off message . Though I joined your 'clinic' very late I got hooked on right away. I looked forward to coming for the sessions on Wednesdays. Hopefully I will be able to find a place to start playing in Hongkong. Wishing you and rest of the lovely Mahjongg ladies the very best of everything. And I must say that Mahjongg clinic is a very apt name because it was like a therapy for me . Thanks again and do keep in touch.

Vidhya Jayaraman

Thank you for teaching me this fabulous game and I look forward to joining the only group I can find in the North of Scotland - it's in Nairn on the North East Buchan Coast! I've thoroughly enjoyed my Wednesday sessions with loads of lovely ladies and please would you say a huge thank you to them all and goodbye from me. I look forward to greeting any of them in our Bed & Breakfast in Scotland from April 2017 - please feel free to share my email address. Take Care Supriya - you're a special lady who has so much patience!!!!

Suzan McKeever